About me

I am a babywearing consultant based in Whitstable, Kent


I offer a variety of services to suit your babywearing needs.


Answers to questions I am often asked about babywearing

Babywearing is for everyone

Since 1993


I believe that everyone can babywear - whether that's parents, carers, pre-school keyworkers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, even siblings. You just need to find the right carrier!

Babywearing can be so beneficial in so many situations. It can help a mum with getting things done around the house when baby just wont be put down without screaming; it can enable adventurous types to get out and still see things with their child that they simply couldn't get to with a buggy; it can help with children who suffer from anxiety and need a safe place to go when out and about; and it can be a fantastic opportunity for bonding. There are so many more situations I simply cannot list them all.

I love seeing people using carriers and slings while out. I love it even more when I've helped someone to use a carrier or sling and it's given them the freedom to do something, even if that something is as simple as getting out the house for a walk.