How soon can I carry my baby in a sling?

The great thing about babywearing is you can start as early as you like as long as baby is safe. There is no reason not to carry in hospital soon after the birth, unless there are medical grounds preventing it.

Is babywearing safe?

Yes, babywearing is safe, as long as you are responsive to your baby, they have a clear airway, and they cannot fall out of the sling or carrier. If you are in any doubt as to whether your sling is safe, take it to a sling meet or contact me for a fitting.

My baby has a disability or medical condition, can I still carry them?

This depends on the disability or medical condition but often it is possible to find a way to carry your child. It may not be how you expect, and it may not be totally hands free, but I will always try to help find an option.

I have a disability or medical condition, can I still carry my baby?

Again, this depends on the disability or medical condition but it is usually possible to find a way for you to carry your child.

When can I carry my baby outward/world facing?

The recommendation is that baby should not outward/world face until they have good head control for safety reasons. This is usually between 4 and 6 months but can vary between children. There are alternative options that can be used younger. Contact me to discuss these.

I have twins, is it possible to carry both of them?

It certainly is, though you would need a consultation in order for me to show you how. This cannot be shown at a sling meet due to time constraints.

Do I have to stop using my pushchair?

NO!!! Of course not! Babywearers aren't an anti-buggy militia! I personally think buggies are fabulous things in some circumstances, but I equally love carrying and prefer using a sling in some situations. Use whatever works for you!

My friend has recommended a certain carrier. Will this suit carrier me too?

Not necessarily. Carriers are like clothes - just because your friend likes it doesn't mean you'll like it. We all have our own preferences when it comes to style, fit and comfort. I always recommend going to a sling meet or booking a consultation so you can try different options and find the one (or ones) that suit you.

What is the maximum age I can carry my child at?

There isn't one! As long as you and your child are safe and comfortable, you can continue to carry them even once they are at school!

Can I carry my baby in hot weather?

You can indeed! You will just need to adjust the clothing you and baby are in. The carrier counts as at least one layer so for every layer the carrier adds, remove a layer of clothing. In very hot weather, baby may be most comfortable in just a nappy and a sun hat! You may also want to consider trying one of the many carriers designed for warmer weather. Some are made of super thin fabric, others have a mesh panel instead of solid fabric to make them more breathable.

Can I carry my baby in cold weather?

Definitely! Make use of layers so you can add of remove them as necessary. I find wrapping a big fleece around both you and baby works well as an extra layer. Be aware that the carrier still acts as a layer, and you are basically carrying a 2, 3, or 4kg + hot water bottle so you may actually need a thinner coat than you would if you weren't carrying. And baby won't need a huge padded snow suit!!!

My [insert family member or friend here] says using a carrier will spoil my child. Is this true?

Not at all! In fact there is evidence to suggest that babies who are carried may develop head control sooner, and may have slightly faster speech development! You know your child best so trust your instincts!

When can my baby face forwards in a carrier?

The usual recommendation is that outward facing (sometimes also called forward or world facing) is OK once your baby has good head control. For most babies, this is around 4-6 months but it varies. The reason for this recommendation is that until the baby has good head control, there is a risk their head could flop forwards onto the carrier and this could restrict their breathing.

Narrow based carriers are dangerous, right?

No! In most circumstances they are fine. They can be a problem if the baby is at risk of hip issues, or has known hip issues. However, although not ergonomic, in the majority of cases, they are not dangerous.

So what's all the fuss about???

They aren't the most ergonomic of comfortable! Think of it this way - would you want to be suspended in the air by your underpants for an hour or more? If the answer is no, then you may want to consider a more ergonomic carrier!

If you really need to use a narrow based carrier, try using the scarf hack to make a more ergonomic seat for baby! (photo tutorial to follow)